Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Six Pack To Go

Drinky, drink, drink.

Today it's #28 on the Big Rock Candy Mountain/Barstool Mountain Top 100 Drinking Songs list.

Hank Thompson's a favorite 'round these parts, perfecting the art of the drinking song, along with Johnny Bond, near about the time George Jones discovered his first taste of White Lightning. Ah, hell, my timeline might be a little off.

Combining the best of Bob Wills' texas swing with a keen eye of a barroom poet, Thompson is a strong contender for our Poet Laureate (we've already got a Patron Saint.).

Not sure how many states still allow a "take out" license for bars as the the night grows long and Sunday blue laws loom in the headlights. The following song is a testament to the stumbling days of closing-time preparation, where the fog of the night cannot dim the hope for tomorrow's salvation.

Recommended reading: The Ginger Man by J.P. Donleavy

Okole maluna!

Hank Thompson: A Six Pack To Go (mp3)

Support your local pub. Do you really need to find yourself at an Appleby's? We thought not.


Dan said...

Love the Hank Thompson. I've read some Donleavy, but not this one. Hey, who'd a'ever thunk that this post about gettin' pissed would promote literacy? Ain't life just a bowl of booze!!

tom said...

Thanks for putting it up. Seriously, very cool.

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