Friday, December 21, 2007

Boone's Farm Christmas

It's the Holiday weekend! And what could be better after a long hard day going broke, than to settle back with a fine libation?

We're going local today, with a fine little tune by Illinois' own The Driveway Drinkers.

Here's what singer and guitarist Tom Compton had to say about this little Holiday nugget:

""Christmas on Boone's Farm" started out as a rural tribute to Pat Boone, but due to excessive drinking of cheap wine it took a turn for the better."

Pat Boone and wine in a twist-cap bottle? Sign us up! More on the band here.

We're taking the weekend off, but we'll be back on Monday for a special beer-goggled celebration of Shane Macgowan Eve.


Driveway Drinkers: Christmas On Boone's Farm (mp3)

The Salvation Army bell ringers are still out there. Instead of having that "one more for the road" at closing time, please consider dropping that money into one of those famous red buckets.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bowery Santa

We're staggering towards last call here at the Barstool Mountain Holiday Bender. One more round tomorrow before we close up the bar until New Year's Eve (you didn't think we could resist a New Year's post, did you?). After that, we'll return to our normally scheduled posts on all songs Drinking, and the slow pub crawl that is our continuing coverage of The Top 100 Drinking Songs (via Big Rock Candy Mountain.).

Today we've got Paul Sanchez detailing a special inebriated Xmas experience, and The Michael Packer Blues Band taking us on a Holiday tour of the bowery.

Good times.

Paul Sanchez: Drunk This Christmas (mp3)

Michael Packer Blues Band: Christmas On The Bowery (mp3)

Ah, hell, it's the Holidays. Give a little something at your local food pantry. Seriously, sometimes a warm meal or a blanket can be the greatest gift.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas (High) Ball

The incomparable Bessie Smith weighs in (sorry for the pun)today. She's heading out to a big Holiday party, and there might be a beverage or two consumed.

The song features the immortal lines: "Christmas comes but once a year/And to me it brings good cheer/And to everyone/Who likes wine and beer."

Iechyd da!

Bessie Smith: At The Christmas Ball (mp3)

Support your local speakeasy this Holiday Season.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mum's Xmas Helper

One week to go until Shane Macgowan's birthday. More toasts then.

Red Star Belgrade offers up a cheerful little number about Mommy's little helper on Christmas. Apparently Daddy's not the only one drinking up Christmas. Apparently this song is meant to convey some kind of adolescent rage revisited as an adult. What follows, though, is an unintentionally hilarious Holiday drinking song, which, well, makes one want to have a tipple.

Red Star Belgrade: Christmas Day (mp3)

Support your local, independent emo busker. They hate Christmas. And they mean it, man.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Drinking Up Christmas

An inebriated Holiday morning to you (yep, that's a very loose Tom Waits paraphrase).

We're continuing, a bit, our theme from Friday. Santa got busted with his hand in the liquor cabinet, but he still hasn't learned his lesson. Stupid Santa.

"Santa Came Home Drunk" by Clyde Lasley and the Cadillac Baby Specials is by far our favorite Christmas drinking song. Nothing else comes close. It's a shuffling blues tune about Santa on a bender. One hell of a bender, if you consider the laundry list of drinks Santa consumes in this classic tale. Essential.

Filthy punks, The Dwarves, detail another Santa bender, including a brawl between Ol' Saint Nick and Frosty. Good times.

Sanitas bona!

Clyde Lasley and the Cadillac Baby Specials: Santa Came Home Drunk (mp3)

The Dwarves: Drinking Up Christmas (mp3)

Dive bars are warm and welcoming places during the Holiday season. Hmmm mmm.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Recycling for the Holidays

Hey folks. Past and future contributor to Barstool Mountain Sean has weighed in with a tune for the Holidays. Take it away Sean:

Here's a bonus post -- and while it's a little bit of cheating, that's been known to occur in just a few watering holes over the years.

Carnival of Shame released its "Happy Alcoholidays EP" in late 1993 and most definitely put the "filth" in Philadelphia with its assault on holiday "standards." I wrote about this EP last year during the holiday season -- continue back to my original post to learn a little more (and to hear two more tunes) or just feast yourselves on the perennial favorite...

Carnival of Shame -- The Grinch (MP3)

Don't be afraid to let your hearts (rather than your waistlines) grow a little this holiday season.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa Grog

See that picture up above? Yep, Santa's leaving his local tavern, and he looks a little worse for the wear. Surely he'll take public transportation home. Or perhaps a cab. Yeah, Santa will definitely call a cab to get home. Right? Ummm...maybe not. Looks like Santa's opting for naughty over nice. Surely nothing good can come from this (and don' call me...oh, never mind). The Tiger City Jukes and Sherwin Linton survey the consequences.

Tiger City Jukes: Watch Out Santa's Been Drinking (mp3)

Sherwin Linton: Santa Got A DWI (mp3)

Please support your local train conductors and bus drivers this festive Holiday season.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dad and Santa Walk Into A Bar

What could more fun than family at Christmas? That's right...nothing!!! The only thing better than your funny Uncle is dear old Dad. Pops enjoys a beverage now and again, and when the in-laws pay a visit for the Yuletide season, and all the pressure of being a caricature of the '50's ideal as the breadwinner, and Santa for a day, begins weighing heavy on his uni-brow, that beverage becomes a life saver. Just ask Commander Cody and John Denver.

But don't blame Pop. As we can see from our third (and best) song of the post, from the brilliant Robert Earl Keen the Holidays are a time for the whole family to tie one on. It's one of the Mountain's Top 5 Xmas songs of all time.

Na Zdravi!

Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen: Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas (mp3)

John Denver: Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas) (mp3)

Robert Earl Keen: Merry Christmas From The Family (mp3)

Stock up early this year. You never know who will be coming down your chimney.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Nog

More festive toddy's today.

We're gonna reach back 3 years and offer up a couple of tunes that proved to be the runaway favorites in our very first Holiday Extravaganza over at the parent site. A very special gift especially for you

Rockabilly rabble-rousers The Rimshots are a little peeved at Old Saint Nick. Seems he's been dipping into the liquor cabinet.

While living in Denver, I saw Western swingsters, The Dalhart Imperials more times than I can count. Here, they'd like to talk about Old Man Spivey's special recipe for Holiday joy.


Rimshots: Santa Stole My Whiskey (mp3)

Dalhart Imperials: Old Man Spivey's Eggnog (mp3)

Support your local liquor cabinet this joyous Yuletide.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Still

Another fine libation for you Holiday revels.

The Minus 5 are no strangers to tunes with an alcohol bent. Led by Scott McCaughey, formerly of the seminal Young Fresh Fellows, and featuring a revolving cast of musicians from Peter Buck and Robert Pollard to Jeff Tweedy, among many others, The Minus 5 have dipped their collective toes into many a moonshine still.

Here, The Minus 5 tell us exactly how to turn those Holiday blahs into a twirling cascade of happy, dancing lights. Hint: it comes in a bottle, and no prescription is needed.


The Minus 5: Your Christmas Whiskey (mp3)

Please support your local distillery.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gin and Juice Santa

Sheesh it's been awhile. We've been busy with The Big Rock Candy Mountain Holiday Extravaganza. But we haven't forgotten about the ole Barstool Mountain, no sir.

As a matter of fact, we're gonna mirror our main site for the next two weeks, making Barstool Mountain another must go place for Holiday music. With a twist. Of lime or lemon. We at Barstool Mountain are giving you all the Holiday drinking songs you need to get you through the Season. Daily!

We'll kick things off today with a little booze-sodden weepie from Truckin' giant and serial cheese merchantRed Sovine. Red's having a few martini's to get him through a lonely Christmas Eve. The trailer park living room church organ only adds to the misery.


Red Sovine: Here It Is Christmas (mp3)

Support your local, independent liquor store this Holiday season.