Saturday, December 15, 2007

Recycling for the Holidays

Hey folks. Past and future contributor to Barstool Mountain Sean has weighed in with a tune for the Holidays. Take it away Sean:

Here's a bonus post -- and while it's a little bit of cheating, that's been known to occur in just a few watering holes over the years.

Carnival of Shame released its "Happy Alcoholidays EP" in late 1993 and most definitely put the "filth" in Philadelphia with its assault on holiday "standards." I wrote about this EP last year during the holiday season -- continue back to my original post to learn a little more (and to hear two more tunes) or just feast yourselves on the perennial favorite...

Carnival of Shame -- The Grinch (MP3)

Don't be afraid to let your hearts (rather than your waistlines) grow a little this holiday season.

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