Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Still

Another fine libation for you Holiday revels.

The Minus 5 are no strangers to tunes with an alcohol bent. Led by Scott McCaughey, formerly of the seminal Young Fresh Fellows, and featuring a revolving cast of musicians from Peter Buck and Robert Pollard to Jeff Tweedy, among many others, The Minus 5 have dipped their collective toes into many a moonshine still.

Here, The Minus 5 tell us exactly how to turn those Holiday blahs into a twirling cascade of happy, dancing lights. Hint: it comes in a bottle, and no prescription is needed.


The Minus 5: Your Christmas Whiskey (mp3)

Please support your local distillery.


tjmertz said...

A big fave in my house. Thanks!

Beth said...

Don't you just love the song? I can't stop playing it.