Monday, December 10, 2007

Gin and Juice Santa

Sheesh it's been awhile. We've been busy with The Big Rock Candy Mountain Holiday Extravaganza. But we haven't forgotten about the ole Barstool Mountain, no sir.

As a matter of fact, we're gonna mirror our main site for the next two weeks, making Barstool Mountain another must go place for Holiday music. With a twist. Of lime or lemon. We at Barstool Mountain are giving you all the Holiday drinking songs you need to get you through the Season. Daily!

We'll kick things off today with a little booze-sodden weepie from Truckin' giant and serial cheese merchantRed Sovine. Red's having a few martini's to get him through a lonely Christmas Eve. The trailer park living room church organ only adds to the misery.


Red Sovine: Here It Is Christmas (mp3)

Support your local, independent liquor store this Holiday season.


Poycer said...

Wow. That was painful.

dan said...

Here's to all the truckers who may find themselves on the road and away from their families this Christmas Eve or Day! This one's a beauty - sad enough to make their dogs weep. Nice one.