Monday, March 17, 2008

The Craic and the Porter Black

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

You didn't think we'd let the day pass without comment did you?

We've got a busy day ahead of us, the pub(s) await our presence, so let's get right to the point.

Below please be pleased to find a keen and green Barstool Mountain St. Patrick's Day mix for your celebratory enjoyment. We've got Top 100 Drinking Song tunes, more than a little Shane MacGowan(with no apologies), American punks who want to be Shane (slight apologies), traditional pub fare, songs of the Nation, whiskey songs, drinking songs, drinking songs, and more drinking songs. We've even got a couple of shout-outs to our Celtic brothers and sisters in Scotland.

Raise a glass, then, to the non-Irish gentleman who chased the Pagans from the Isle.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Brendan Behan. Raconteur, rebel, author, and consumer of many a fine beverage.

Link to Mp3 follows the track listing


The Craic and the Porter Black Mix (83:42)

1. Amhran Na Bhfiann (Band of An Garda Siochana)
2. All For Me Grog (Dublin City Ramblers)
3. Streams of Whiskey (The Pogues)
4. Whiskey You're The Devil (The Clancy Brothers)
5. The Humours of Whiskey (Andy M. Stewart)
6. Nancy Whiskey (Irish Rovers)
7. Drink It Up Men (The Dubliners)
8. A Nation Once Again (Paddy Reilly)
9. The Wild Rover (Dropkick Murphys w/Shane)
10. Rocky Road To Dublin (The Young Dubliners)
11. Finnigan's Wake (The Clancy Brothers)
12. Sally MacLannane (The Pogues)
13. The Pub With No Beer (The Dubliners)
14. Scotland The Brave (The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment)
15. The Rare Oul' Times (Flogging Molly)
16. Good Rats (Dropkick Murphys w/Shane)
17. The Real Old Mountain Dew (Patrick Clancy)
18. Carrickfergus (Van Morrison w/The Chieftans)
19. Seven Drunken Nights (The Tossers)
20. Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers)
21. The Craic and the Porter Black (Dublin City Ramblers)
22. Whiskey In the Jar (The Dubliners)
23. The Leaving of Liverpool (The Clancy Brothers)
24. St. John of Gods (Shane MacGowan and the Popes)
25. The Holy Ground (The Dubliners)
26. The Parting Glass (Liam Clancy)
27. Danny Boy (Shane MacGowan and the Popes)

The Craic and the Porter Black Mix (mp3)

Does anyone actually use the word "blarney" un-ironically? Didn't think so. Have a good day.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bad Livers

Well, golly. Apologies to those who ended up here looking for the band The Bad Livers. They were a mighty fine band. But, no, this is not a post on them. It's the name of a brand spankin' new Barstool Mountain mix made especially Yes, you, with your can of of Hamm's Beer sittin' by the computer screen.

There's a vague theme running through the following mix, but it's not really important. What's important is that this is but a very small portion of some of our fave rave drinking songs, not found in any Top 100 list (you know which one we're talking about).

So click on the link following the track listing, download the mix, and pop a top again and again. And again. Who needs a liver anyway?


The Barstool Mountain Bad Livers Mix (66:07)
(mp3 file follows track listing)

1. Loser's Cocktail (Dick Curless)
2. I'm Gonna Tie One Tonight (The Wilburn Brothers)
3. Hey Bartender, Give That Man A Drink (Jumpin' Joe Williams)
4. Soft Lips and Hard Liquor (Charlie Walker)
5. Wine Women and Whiskey (Papa Lightfoot)
6. My Baby Got Drunk (Paul "Wine" Jones)
7. Sorrow On The Rocks (Porter Wagoner)
8. Bar Exam (The Derailers)
9. Drinkin' Buddies (The Railbenders)
10. I Can't Go Home Like This (Ray Price)
11. Eight Weeks In A Barroom (Ramblin' Red Bailey)
12. Sittin' Here Drinking (Blind James Campbell)
13. Hey Brother, Pour The Wine (Dean Martin)
14. Drinkin' Thing (Gary Stewart)
15. Sangria Wine (Jerry Jeff Walker)
16. Head Happy With Wine (Stick McGhee)
17. Whiskey River (Johnny Bush)
18. Rye Whiskey (Blue Mountain)
19. Big Rock Candy Mountain (Harry McClintock)
20. One More Beer (Big Bill Lister)
21. Night Life (Willie Nelson)
22. Drink Up and Go Home (Jimmy Martin)
23. Cemetery Row (The Minus 5)
24. More Pricks Than Kicks (Shane Macgowan and the Popes)

Bad Livers (mp3)

Yes, we've got some Saint Patrick's celebration on the horizon. Keep your tab open.