Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bowery Santa

We're staggering towards last call here at the Barstool Mountain Holiday Bender. One more round tomorrow before we close up the bar until New Year's Eve (you didn't think we could resist a New Year's post, did you?). After that, we'll return to our normally scheduled posts on all songs Drinking, and the slow pub crawl that is our continuing coverage of The Top 100 Drinking Songs (via Big Rock Candy Mountain.).

Today we've got Paul Sanchez detailing a special inebriated Xmas experience, and The Michael Packer Blues Band taking us on a Holiday tour of the bowery.

Good times.

Paul Sanchez: Drunk This Christmas (mp3)

Michael Packer Blues Band: Christmas On The Bowery (mp3)

Ah, hell, it's the Holidays. Give a little something at your local food pantry. Seriously, sometimes a warm meal or a blanket can be the greatest gift.

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