Friday, December 21, 2007

Boone's Farm Christmas

It's the Holiday weekend! And what could be better after a long hard day going broke, than to settle back with a fine libation?

We're going local today, with a fine little tune by Illinois' own The Driveway Drinkers.

Here's what singer and guitarist Tom Compton had to say about this little Holiday nugget:

""Christmas on Boone's Farm" started out as a rural tribute to Pat Boone, but due to excessive drinking of cheap wine it took a turn for the better."

Pat Boone and wine in a twist-cap bottle? Sign us up! More on the band here.

We're taking the weekend off, but we'll be back on Monday for a special beer-goggled celebration of Shane Macgowan Eve.


Driveway Drinkers: Christmas On Boone's Farm (mp3)

The Salvation Army bell ringers are still out there. Instead of having that "one more for the road" at closing time, please consider dropping that money into one of those famous red buckets.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool blog! You have great/similar taste in music! Peace out and bottoms up!