Monday, July 2, 2007

Four Dollar Pabst

Hey Bartender!

We're actually having a crossover today with our parent site, Big Rock Candy Mountain. But fear not, the songs below are unique to Barstool Mountain, and are still the booze-besotted tunes you expect from this here joint.

Did you book your tickets for Chicago this weekend? The big news of the hour: we've got a swell show coming up on Friday, July 6th, brought to you by yours truly, Songs:Illinois, and Can You See The Sunset From The Southside, the three finest tastemakers in the Chicagoland area.

For 5 measly bucks, you get three bands and entrance into the finest dive in the South Loop, the legendary Cal's (400 South Wells), where the booze is cheap, the women are cheap, and the men are free (hell, they'll pay you). It's a Big Rock Candy Mountain kind of joint.

Who's playing, you ask? We've got Satellite 66 from the great land of Chicago. We've got Frontier Ruckus from Michigan, who Craig from Songs:Illinois recently gushed about.

And finally, we've got recent Chicago transplant, The Gunshy, who I think is the bee's knees.

Combining a little Tom Waits, a smidge of Eric Bachman/Crooked Fingers, and a mesa-top full of burnt desert filtered through urban neon sprawl, the Gunshy play a gritty Western noir through the greasy windows of your favorite Old Style bar.

Show starts at 10 p.m. Come by and look for the red-headed stranger in the John Deere cap (that'd be me, the walking stereotype).

"$4 Pabst" is a classic in the making.

The Gunshy: $4 Pabst (mp3)

The Gunshy: My Nicotine-My Whiskey (mp3)

Please support your local rock'n'roll band, and the dive bars that love them.

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