Monday, August 6, 2007

Paging Mr. Sandman

Yes, another voice making itself heard here at Barstool Mountain. I'm Sean, one of the judges on the original panel. My usual homes are Deadly Tango and the Malt & Barley Chronicles, but I've been meaning to chime in here more frequently.

Today's contribution is a song that I remembered too late to make it part of the entire judging process therefore leaving it just outside the Top 100. Treat Her Right was a leading light in the rebirth of the Boston blues-rock scene in the late 1980s. Mark Sandman and Billy Conway went on to be the driving forces behind Morphine, who went on to have a good deal more success outside of Boston (though they never quite clicked for me).

THR's trademark sound was dark, swampy, languid, and thick. Their first big hit on Boston radio was this selection, I Think She Likes Me (#113) It takes a social interaction at the local tavern into unexpected (though not unfamiliar) territory, and is well worth your time.

Treat Her Right: I Think She Likes Me (mp3)


Jim Stark said...

An incredibly cool bar tune by an incredibly cool bar band (though I never got to see 'em live in a bar I can imagine from their records!)...drank many a beer to this one...

"...can I buy you a drink...I think she likes me that's what I think..."

Anonymous said...

For drinking songs, you mustn't forget some Lou Reed greats, Underneath The Bottle and The Power Of Positive Drinking.

Anonymous said...

get off of your lazy ass now. You will become interminably lazy.