Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crooning In Yer Beer

Well, never let it be said we ain't fair here at the Barstool Mountain. Sure, we're gonna have us plenty of that there Country and Blues, more than a fair share one might argue. But we're concerned with the entire breadth of great drinking songs, and it seems to us that pretty much any genre can stake a claim to having a decent amount of classic boozers. So we're gonna step away from the Country and Blues for the next couple of posts. Don't fret, though, all will be well (or top shelf, if you prefer, and your budget can accommodate). We're here for you, and your sudsy needs.

So, a little something for the garage punks.

The New Bomb Turks were Columbus, Ohio's greatest band (we love our broad pronouncements) for a period of years in the 90's(with apologies to Gaunt, Scrawl, The Thomas Jeffeson Slave Apartments). Buzzsaw trash guitar, two minutes and done songs, and the snottiest Midwest vocals this side of Great Plains. The kind of band Crypt and Sympathy for The Record Industry wet themselves over. They even recorded a couple of songs with Thee Billy Childish. Live, they were a sweaty mess of boozed-up rock'n'roll.

Here's one of our favorite "night in the gutter" drinking songs. And for us older folks, we've got an "alternate" version where the lyrics are a tad more decipherable.

Yeghes da!

New Bomb Turks: Crying In The Beer Of A Drunk Man (mp3)

New Bomb Turks: Croonin' In The Beer Of A Drunk Man (mp3)


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