Tuesday, May 1, 2007

As Good As You're Going To Feel All Day

Hey! Are you out there? There are mp3's here!

Ah, I'm just foolin' with you. Of course there are mp3's here. This is an mp3 site. A drinkin' songs mp3 site. If you've stumbled here by accident, please check the previous post to see what the hell this is all about. Or you can check out Big Rock Candy Mountain for the full skinny.

This is the dumping ground for the Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 100 Drinking Songs. Sure enough.

Got a favorite drinking song we didn't include? Now's your chance to make a splash. Leave a comment or email me at barstoolmountain@gmail.com to get your chance to post your very own top favorite drinking song. It's as easy as typing out a few keys on your computer. I'm all about the populist/socialist take on music. Your Voice Matters! I'll even host the song on my sever!

But...you'll have to wait a couple of weeks, while we work through the bottom end of vote-getters that didn't make the Top 100. But there's free songs below!!!! Free!!! Egad, I'm just trying to generate some interest in a genre that's endagered based on the increasingly puritancal and heavy-handed purview of Those That Know Better, And Want You To Conform To Ways And Norms Of Contemporary Proper Society.

Ah, but I kid our abstaining friends. God bless 'em. As Frank Sinatra once said: "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

For now, please enjoy #'s 121-140 of The Top 100 Drinking Songs, courtesy of Big Rock Candy Mountain.

121. The Night Life (Ray Price)
122. Don't All The Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time (Mickey Gilley) (mp3)
123. Lightning Bar Blues (Hoyt Axton/Arlo Guthrie)
124. Drinkin' Thing (Gary Stewart)
125. Gonna Get Tight (The Sunshine Boys)
126. Wino (Kid Tanner)
127. The Intoxicated Rat (Dixon Brothers)
128. Whiskey Women (Flamin' Groovies)
129. When I'm Drinkin' (J.B. Lenoir)
130. Scotchin' With The Soda (Nat King Cole)
131. I Got Drunk (Uncle Tupelo)
132. I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight (The Wilburn Brothers)
133. Champagne and Wine (Otis Redding)
134. 80 Proof Bottle of Tear Stopper (George Strait)
135. Tiny Bubbles (Don Ho)
136. Strawberry Wine (Deanna Carter)
137. Pink Elephants (Wally Willette)
138. Georgia In A Jug (Johnny Paycheck)
139. Flat Top Beer (Buddy Meredich)
140. Take Me To The Hotel, Johanna (The Cananes)


Testify said...

"I feel sorry for those folks who don't drink 'cause when they get up in the morning, thats as good as they're gonna feel all day long" is attributed (as his Most Famous Saying, no less)to Dean Martin on the back of the Houston album sleeve.

SongSungBlue said...

RIP Don Ho.

Dan said...

Back in the day, there wasn't a country bar band that did't perform "Don't All The Girls Get Prettier". That was so long long ago that men weren't afraid to tell the truth, and real women loved it. We still had balls back then, and it was a good thing. Nowadays, even country radio would shy away from a song like this because it's politically incorrect, whatever the hell that means. The truth is the truth. Drinkin' songs are real good at tellin' the truth.

Greg said...

The Sinatra/Dino quote is clever (and sometimes applicable), but for one who has sworn off, I feel the WORST when I wake up and get better all day.... But I love the drinkin' songs!

Beth said...

My vote would go for a mighty AMC triumvirate of drinking tunes - Gary's Song, Jesus' Hands and Outside this Bar.
Not sure that they meet your jukebox test though, do they? Unless it's at my house, of course.

Great site and idea - thank you!