Friday, May 4, 2007

Bottom Of The Bottle

Hey. We've just about reached the halfway point of our little shindig. Another week of counting down the stray dogs from The Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 100 Drinking Songs, and then we'll really dig in, with full posts and, ahem, "samples" of all things drinking.

Today's post belongs to Johnny Paycheck and Porter Wagoner.

Thanks for stopping by. If you don't like what you see, let us know! We'll give you a chance to let your opinion air out like longjohns on a clothesline.

181. The Pint Of No Return (Johnny Paycheck)
182. Crawlin' (The Clovers)
183. The Bottom Of The Bottle (Porter Wagoner)
184. Jose Cuervo (Shelly West)
185. Beer Bust Blues (Untamed Youth)
186. Bartender's Blues (Roy Milton)
187. Every Time I Get To Drinking (Sunnyland Slim)
188. Sorrow On The Rocks (Porter Wagoner)
189. Drinkin' My Blues Away (Tampa Red)
190. Drinkin' CV Wine (Howlin' Wolf)
191. One More Bottle To Drink (Billy Childish)
192. Who Stole The Keeshka (Traditional)
193. Sick Sober And Sorry (Lefty Frizzell)
194. Colorado Cool Aid (Johnny Paycheck)
195. Brain Cloudy Blues (Bob Wills)
196. I Was Drunk (Alejandro Escoveda)
197. My Bucket Got A Hole In It (Hank Williams)
198. Drinking About My Baby (The Damned)
199. New Drink For The Old Drunk (Crooked Fingers)
200. Rum Cola Blues (Champion Jack Dupree)

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Dan said...

Beauty job! I've never heard Shelly West doin' "Jose Cuervo", at least I think I haven't. Then, maybe again, I was too drunk. Any chance of you postin' that big'un?