Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Beers Away

The reviews are in! Barstool Mountain is now the hottest topic at...erm...Robbie Fulks' message board? God bless referrer tracking, or I would have missed that fascinating discussion altogether. Apparently we've ruffled a few feathers over at the lonely hearts club. You know the comic book guy from The Simpsons? I bet he posts on message boards quite a bit. To be honest, I have no idea what they're talking about. Apparently something (a web site? a radio show? a series of live shows? it's hard to tell) existed at some point, somewhere, called Barstool Mountain, and they have the exlusive right to appreciate the song. I can't resist inserting a quote from the above-linked discussion:
"But of course, for us, the name Barstool Mountain means so very much more than that. Barstool Mountain is but a metaphor and I think we aim a little higher. He's raising a glass to Dino and the Rat Pack, and that's cute and fun, but we're reaching for something much more serious and profound. Barstool Mountain for us is the place of total enlightenment. The unachievable achievement, the unknowable known, the summit beyond all summits. It is the means for a spiritual end which goes far, far beyond the ephemeral buzz of a double martini, and into the realms of the eternal fountain of rapture, the nectar of the gods. The peak of forever."

I'm sure that was part of Moe Bandy's artist's statement.

Sounds like somebody needs a stiff drink. Methinks I smell bitter and nostalgic (stomped) grapes.

Faithful readers of both Mountains (our parent site, Big Rock Candy and Barstool), I would like to make a promise to you. We will never, ever, ever take ourselves that seriously here. We will never descend into some drippy naval-gazing assessment of the songs and music we like. Here at the Barstool, we're going to post about drinking songs. Drinking songs from all genres. Songs you can sing along to with your friends, songs you can raise a glass to during the wee small hours.

We would never wish to exclude anyone here at the 'Mountain. We're socialists at heart, and elitism, particularly when applied to the drinking song, is anathema to us. Which is why we strongly encourage each and every one of you to tell us what great songs we're missing. If you feel strongly enough, you can be a guest poster, or a regualar poster. We're opening up the tap here. Drinks are on the house, and anybody and everybody can have a voice. Leave a comment or email us at We'd even gladly welcome the folks from the Robbie Fulks Message Board to issue their rebuttal as to why we lack the abstract criteria to refer to ourselves as Barstool Mountain. I'll post it complete and unedited. I have a suspicion that they'll be too busy hiding in the safety of their cave.

For the record, the quote in the header above (the one about the popsicle) is a facetious quote attributed to the "cute" Dean Martin. And it's been a long while since we've been a "kid".

The Grappa portion of the supplement to Big Rock Candy Mountain's Top 100 Drinking Songs will appear tomorrow. Starting next week, we get rolling for real. More listage below.

Thanks for stopping by. You are as important as anyone else out there.

261. More Good Whiskey Blues (Peetie Wheatstraw)
262. Sunday Morning Coming Down (Johnny Cash)
263. You Drink Too Much (State Street Swingers)
264. Barroom Girls (Gillian Welch)
265. Boob Scotch (Bob Log III)(mp3)
266. They Left Me Holding The Bottle (Ray Pillow)
267. Devil In The Bottle (Vern Gosdin)
268. Spill The Wine (War)
269. Two Beers Away (Moe Bandy)
270. Drinking Too Much (Fred Eaglesmith)
271. Somebody Buy Me A Drink (Oscar Brown)
272. Beer Drinkin' Blues (Kaddie McAce)
273. Beer Drinkin' Daddy (Eddie Noack)
274. Drinkin' Wine (Gene Simmons)
275. Dirty Hangover Blues (W. Lee O'Daniel)


KS said...

"The unachievable achievement, the unknowable known, the summit beyond all summits."

Jeez, when you take drinking that seriously, you need to think about stopping drinking. You're just making excuses for showing up to work with a hangover.

Scurvy said...

yeah...ok. So anyway, I am really enjoying these lists, and I especially want to tank you for Atomic Cocktail yesterday. I used to spend a lot of time listening to Radio MacVooty before they dropped the Slim Gailard format. Bummer for me, but I am glad to hear him again. Keep up the great work on the sites.

The DoorKeeper said...

Ya! Atomic Cocktail is in my Top Ten ":~)

timbo said...

Hell, I don't hold with any territorial nonsense about the name Barstool Mountain and don't see what those message board moaners are so sore about, but I will say that Robbie Fulks' versions of Cocktails and Bury The Bottle With Me off his 13 Hillbilly Giants CD deserve serious consideration in any list of great drinking songs.